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SAW the PAST, SEE the FUTURE is a piece of interactive sculptural furniture and physical reminder of how people need each other. Connection evokes bonding, discussion, empathy, compassion and in this case the playful and carefree sense of childhood.

This sculpture was funded by a Creative Pinellas Grant for traveling interactive art in support of the 'You Good?' initiative to address mental behavioral and substance abuse throughout Pinellas County. The Sculpture traveled to communities of St. Petersburg, Gulfport, Lealman, Largo, Safety Harbor and Tarpon Springs and partnered on numerous occasions with the SPACECraft mobile art initiative.

The sculpture is dynamically colorful and intentionally looks different from all vantage points. This reflects the dynamic nature of relationships. Its sort of like a mood ring, symbolized by the multicolored ‘halo’ in the center of the piece which moves like a metronome when people move up and down on its teeter-totter armature. The circular shape and voids in the piece symbolize participants  reciprocal interaction with each other

I also produced ‘You Good’ graphic T-shirts through a concurrent grant. These  colorful tie dye shirts were given out at events while in engaging conversations with people in the community. If someone could help spread the hopeful message or needed the shirt as a token of support, they were given one for free.

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