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The Africatown International Design Competition was an extensive two year long competition launched in the wake of the discovery of the slave ship Clotilda. The Clotilda is the only largely intact slave ship to survive as evidence of the era of African slavery and the Middle Passage. It's also the ship that the original Africans who founded Africatown were America transported to America on. The discovery has served to coalesce energy that has been building for generations around the story of these Africans. What Africatown now represents is an unprecedented window into the story of slavery and an opportunity to address its lingering and painful vestiges.

I focused on the largest and most difficult segment of a four part project, a ten mile long water connection called the 'BlueWay' with 15 venues to be designed along the Mobile River and Chickasaw Creek, including the Clotilda Discovery Site itself. The design of a branded boat fleet was also a program requirement. I have proposed large scale public art installations including projections on the Africatown Bridge, painted oil tanks, a sculpture park, concert venue, grand entrance to a new Africatown USA State Park and much more!

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